Coastal Cremations & Funeral Care
Full Service Funeral Home offering
Complete Basic Direct Cremation
$795.00* *County fees and death certificates not included 

 727-645-6975     ~     813-395-6988 

Coastal Cremations
Basic Direct Cremations Only $795.00* 

Serving Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas, Hillsborough & Citrus County
"Simple Direct Cremation"
has a starting price of
  (Not included in this fee are any county fees,
  urns, or death certificates.)
Our Direct Cremation does include a temporary poly urn.
Americana Urn $325.00                                Going Home Birds Adult Urn     $125.00
                                                                      Vase Keepsakes                        $  35.00
                                                                       Heart Keepsakes                      $  50.00
                       Selected Keepsakes Start at $20.00
Natural Wood                        $100.00
Sheet Bronze                        $95.00
Cherry Wood                         $100.00
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