When a death occurs in the home:

Your hospice nurse or other caregiver will normally take care of all necessary notifications for you.

Be sure that you have given them our information so they know that you wish for us to be contacted

If the patient is not under Hospice or other professional home health care, you will need to call 911.
The proper authorities will be dispatched to the home to file a report and obtain clearance for the local
Medical Examiners Department 
before we can come to the home.

Once cleared we will be called and we will immediately dispatch our staff to your home where we will transport  your loved one to our facilities. 

Coastal Cremations & Funeral Care
Full Service Funeral Home offering
Complete Basic Direct Cremation
$795.00* *County fees and death certificates not included 

 727-645-6975     ~     813-395-6988 

Coastal Cremations
Basic Direct Cremations Only $795.00* 

Serving Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas, Hillsborough & Citrus County

Coastal Cremations & Funeral Care, is a full services Funeral Home
 offering Basic Direct Cremations
 at an Affordable Cost, Allowing Families to
Honor Their Loved Ones Wishes Without Feeling Overwhelmed
During A Difficult Time.
         West Pasco 727-645-6975                        East Pasco 813-395-6988
Coastal Cremations & Funeral Care                        Coastal Cremations, Inc.
If you need immediate assistance,
Please Call (727)645-6975 to speak to a Director. 

When in a
Hospital or Nursing Facility

Inform the staff caring for your loved one that you wish for COASTAL CREMATIONS to be called to handle the final arrangements.

The facility staff will notify us and we will dispatch our staff
to the facility  immediately where we will transport your loved one to our facility

In Most Cases:

We will contact you by phone once your loved one arrives at our facility ( In certain cases late at night, we may contact you the following morning)

We will arrange a time to meet with you, either at our office or at your home, as soon as you are able, to finalize the cremation arrangements

This will include the necessary next of kin authorizations for the cremation arrangements and the verification all death certificate information

We will also answer any and all of your questions and provide you and you family with additional information during the arrangement conference.

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